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Baritone & Researcher

Jean Bernard Cerin is a baritone, researcher, and educator concerned with the history of Haitian classical music and its intersections with Europe and the United States. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Visual & Performing Arts at Lincoln University.

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Professor and Filmmaker

Brandi Berry is a filmmaker and professor who uses her voice to advocate for others. Her short documentaries, This Woman’s Work and Neglected, focus on survivors of childhood abuse. The motivation for this subject matter comes from her father, a retired social worker that counseled abused women and children while he worked for the military. As an assistant professor and dean at Lincoln University, Brandi is loving her students to success while sharing her passion for films.

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Project Assistant

Giovanni Casson is a native of Dover, Delaware who ancestral roots trace back to Equatorial Guinea. Giovanni is a 4.0 student. She wrote a book entitled Thoughts: A Body of Artistic Racial Reflections. Her poem, "Uncle Sam, Do you love me?" won second place in the Poet Laureate contest for Simbaa Literary Magazine. She is also fluent in Spanish and Korean.



Project Assistant

Drucilla Lindsay is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently a student at The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. She studies music and pre-law. Drucilla enjoys reading classical literature and epic poetry. Drucilla has an interest in linguistic geography and how location affects language. Additionally, she hopes to study cultural influence in music. She has competed in and won various opera competitions. Ms. Lindsay performs as a recitalist locally and nationally. Although she is trained in opera, she does enjoy jazz. She plays classical and jazz piano. After receiving her bachelors, Drucilla plans to attend graduate school and eventually law school. She enjoys traveling and has visited three continents thus far. She speaks Spanish and is currently studying Italian. Drucilla will be studying abroad in Italy for summer 2022.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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